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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Power of a Newborn

 Newborn babies are the most amazing little creatures. Really try to look at this little guy without smiling. You can't do it... they do nothing and they still make everyone around them so happy. He is darling.

His beautiful mama. She does not look like she had a baby just 5 days ago.

I love mommy/baby photos. I wish I had a picture of my mom holding me as a newborn. There is such a sweet bond.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Run, Run as Fast as You Can

 Running. I absolutely love running so I was very excited to photography my friend Ari.

She is a runner that is very inspirational to me. Let me first help you understand her speed. Some of her times this year: Eagle Mountain 5k 17:58. American Fork 1/2 Marathon 1:19:58. and the St. George Marathon 2 hours 58 Minutes. So now that you understand her fastness you should probably also know she has FIVE young children. Okay now that you really understand her awesomeness we can continue with some more photos.

 Ari and I were good friends in Jr. High. She then moved and we wrote each other letters (sounds so old school, but so true) a few years later I went to her wedding then a few year later I ran into her out here in Eagle Mountain. We were definitely meant to be friends.

Ari runs for Team Oselle and writes a sports Column for a Paper in Southern Utah. (as well as an amazing preschool teacher)

Eagle Mountain is an amazing place to run. There are asphalt and dirt trails everywhere. You can run for miles and never get stopped at a stop light or even cross a busy road.

Oh I love this next picture. It reminds me of the calm and thrill of running. ahhhh.....

So when you see her running the streets and trails of Eagle Mountain you will know it is Ari. But will probably just catch this quick glimpse as she flies past.

 She also writes a great running blog you can check it out at

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Already One!

 Can you believe this beautiful blonde hair? You would never guess that her mommies has dark brown eyes and hair. Such a cute little face!