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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Hangin Out.

 I love taking pictures of family. You would think it would be more pressure. ... nope. I enjoy it. I get to hangout and spend the evening with my awesome family.
This is my dad's baby brother.... so more the age of a cousin then an uncle.

He looks a lot like the pictures of his dad as a kid. He is so grown up... I think of him as a little kid, but he starts Jr. High next year!

She has eyes that are to die for! She is so sweet, I am holding out for her to be old enough to do my babysitting.

Then there is little J. ADORABLE. and all boy. He just wanted to walk around and explore. Such a cutie.

So cute! Love how this one turned out.

Throwing rocks.


Such cute kiddos.

These next two just illustrate the differences between male relationships and female relationships. ...

So fun to hang out for the evening. Thanks guys!

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