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Thursday, October 11, 2012


So I have been following along with Katie Evans Photoberfest. This weeks "challenge" was to get a self taken family picture. Go "like" my photo on Pinterest to help me win the contest.

 I LOVE taking photos, which means my kids get their pictures taken all the time. So much that they (especially my oldest) are getting worn out on have photo shoots. The worst part of pictures is getting everyone in the right mood. So I prepped as much as possible the night before and set up my camera on a tripod before I even had any of them come out of the cabin. I used my remote (you can see it in my right hand if you look close). If I was taking the picture I would have had my oldest scout to the left a few inches... but I can't complain. The best tripod picture that I have ever got. Mood and attitude are everything!!
If you come to a photo shoot and you have nagged your kids the whole way there.... well it shows in the pictures. Stay calm... be patient... don't push. If you feel yourself getting frustrated with your kids step away and let me handle it myself. Kids are much more cooperative for strangers. :)

A few more from the weekend... it was GORGEOUS up at our cabin in Heber.

My little bug dancing on a log... love her!

And if you ever wondered what photographers meant by Golden Hour..... mmmmmm.... this is right at that perfect lighting moment.

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  1. I adore these photos I would love a print for my frames