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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thank You.

 So fun to photograph these cute boys and their beautiful (and my I add strong and amazing) mommy. Their Dad is serving in Afghanistan and she is holding this sweet little family together while he is away serving all of us.

I am told that this little guy is a blonde version of his daddy.

I love when kids plop down in a way that is comfy for them and I would never imagine asking someone to try and sit like that. haha... he sat like that, I love it.

We were trying to get baby brother to smile....

Big brother reached down to help him smile, so cute. I loved watching the boys interact with each other.

I LOVE mom's with their babies. So sweet. And Mom you have an AMAZING profile. ... gorgeous. Most people do not look that beautiful from a side view.

Can you tell he loves his mama! Such a sweet moment.

EVERYTHING went into this boys mouth. So cute!

And as always I am not done until everyone is crying. :) They did so good!

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