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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The W Clan

 I think this family is the best. I was thrilled to now that they were moving back to be my neighbors again.

In my mind this beautiful woman is just a little girl. I will always remember the sweet little 12 year old. Ya... she isn't 12 anymore.

She has these 3 brothers to keep in line. J is probably a complete twin of his Dad and this age. (Deep sighs included.) Am I right Phil?

In just a short time this house will be FULL of teenage boys. G has grown up so much.

 Little J. Stinkin' cute... I am sure he would prefer handsome... but as long as he is in my Primary Class I get to call him cute.

I have "worked" with both of these people and truly know how awesome they are.

I include this because I love the Daddy daughter relationship... and I KNOW that he is crazy about M. She could do no wrong.

And let's be honest... they are a crazy family. This fits their personality ... haha... love you guys!

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  1. Thanks Mikki! you are too kind, and the pix turned out great. You're awesome!