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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Class of 2013

I was Vanessa's 6th grade math teacher and I ran into her at the dentist and she looked SO familiar. The difference from 6th grade to a senior in High School is crazy. I haven't seen her since elementary and now she is this beautiful women that resembles the little girl that I knew.

Love this second picture of her and her mom.... I want to be this close with my kids. They have such a sweet relationship.

I am told that this is generally how Vanessa poses for photos and has since she was just little.

 Loved photographing you!

James and Jodie

These two beautiful people. ... found each other ... and I am so excited to document the beginnings of their life together.

Love the snow boots for the Bridal shoot. :)

 Then came the big day and you couldn't ask for a more beautiful day in March.

First moments "alone" after coming out of the temple.

Off to their honeymoon!! Congrats! What a perfect day?!