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Thursday, June 13, 2013


 So fun to photograph this cute family. The girls remind me a lot of my girls, so I totally relate.

LOVE this! The fun times of being a sister. I mostly love that the little one is still smiling :)

This picture cracks me up... so I had to include it. Little A had super bad allergies, she was such a trooper (Rosanne totally gets props too cause she was suffering too) but there was a lot of sneezing going on!

Nothing like the thrill of Dad chasing you down!

Sam is 2!

 Sam was so good! I was expecting to have to work much harder... but this kid was all smiles.

I can't decide it I like black and white or color better of this next pic.... so I had to post both.

A missionary, a senior, and 3 other kiddos. I love working with this family. It was a seriously a MAJOR wind storm and they were fabulous, we had to find new spots where the wind was blocked by trees.

Ty is 8!

 Ty is such a great kid! He was SO cooperative and was a complete joy to be around.

Bode is 1!

 Can you believe this is the same kid?! Here is Bode's newborn pics. From Jet Blake hair to blonde, this kid is just stinkin cute!

Sometimes it is super hard being 1.

Unless there is cake. ... cake fixes everything.

The Anderson Family

I love this family. I have been taking their family pictures since I first started photography. Matter of fact their first shoot with me I didn't know what I was doing (my camera was on auto settings) and it didn't work out. They were awesome and let me do a redo.

Now years later they still let me take their pictures! So fun and I love seeing the lovely Rebecca surrounded by all her boys.

 Gavin is a Senior so we captured a few with his guitar, he is an amazing musician!

Such an awesome group of boys.

3 Months

My darling niece in her blessing dress made by my talented mother.